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msession copyright

Hi fellows,

I am going to package msession[0], a session data manager that can be
used for PHP. It has a dependency on a library called phoenix[1], from the
same author. msession is GPL and phoenix is LGPL. The problem lurks in
the README file of phoenix:

"This library is being made available to use under the terms and
 conditions of the GNU lesser public license, formally known as the
 Library General Public License or LGPL."


 This library remains the property of Mark L. Woodward. No
 contributions will be accepted without all rights being transferred.
 If you make a contribution, it will remain available as part of
 the public version of this library, but since this library is used
 as the basis for "for profit" work done by Mohawk Software, it is not
 possible for a waiver on the GPL status unless the library is completely
 owned by Mohawk Software."

Now my understanding is this: you can use the software without
limitations under the terms of the LGPL. But if you want changes
included upstream you have to transfer your rights to Mohawk. Do I read
that correctly and is this a problem with respect to the DFSG?

Thanks for your help,

[0] http://www.mohawksoft.com/devel/msession.html
[1] http://www.mohawksoft.com/devel/phoenix-R1_2_030117E.tar.gz

Joerg "joergland" Wendland
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