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Re: Proposed: Debian's Five Freedoms for Free Works

On 13 Jun 2003 01:15:38 +0200
Joachim Breitner <debian@joachim-breitner.de> wrote:
> > 5) The freedom to retain privacy in one's person, effects, and data,
> >    including, but not limited to, all Works in one's possession and one's
> >    own changes to Works written by others.
> Isn't that effectively this "lonely island test"? Since if it would be
> required to disclose any information, the lonely islander would not be
> able to use it legally.
> And if I got it right, then the "lonely island test" has been applied to
> all Debian software (or at least to those in doubt), so one can actually
> hope that every piece of Debian software and data already confirms to
> your "5th Requirement for Freedom".
> Besides that, I fully support that proposal, since I value privacy very
> high

Correct. What Branden is saying (among other things) is that the
license should not require you to return changes to the author; thus any
such license passes the "lonely island test"

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