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Re: Proposed: Debian's Five Freedoms for Free Works


Am Don, 2003-06-12 um 23.21 schrieb Branden Robinson:
> 5) The freedom to retain privacy in one's person, effects, and data,
>    including, but not limited to, all Works in one's possession and one's
>    own changes to Works written by others.

Isn't that effectively this "lonely island test"? Since if it would be
required to disclose any information, the lonely islander would not be
able to use it legally.

And if I got it right, then the "lonely island test" has been applied to
all Debian software (or at least to those in doubt), so one can actually
hope that every piece of Debian software and data already confirms to
your "5th Requirement for Freedom".

Besides that, I fully support that proposal, since I value privacy very

Joachim Breitner
Debian Developer to be :-)
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