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Re: The debate on Invariant sections (long)

On Fri, Jun 06, 2003 at 07:13:41AM -0700,
 Walter Landry <wlandry@ucsd.edu> wrote 
 a message of 18 lines which said:

> There are more problems with the GFDL than just the invariant
> sections.  Invariant sections are just the worst problem.  Since RMS
> seems unwilling to change anything, I'd say that _all_ GFDL'd works
> have to go into non-free.

I believe I understand at last the Invariant Sections and their
consequences but can you explain what other problems are serious
enough for such drastic measures? (Cover Texts excluded, because they
have more or less the some problems.) I already asked the question
here and it seems there is a consensus on that mailing list that a
GFDL document without Invariant Sections and Cover Texts is 100 %

for more details.

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