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Re: The debate on Invariant sections (long)

> ... Since RMS
> seems unwilling to change anything, I'd say that _all_ GFDL'd works
> have to go into non-free.

RMS did not say that.  He listened to Debian's concerns, and
acknowledged that there were GDFL-related issues he had not previously
been aware of.  He characterized them as *primarily* consisting of
"license compatibility" problems, which was indeed the case.  To quote
RMS's relevant message:

> ... the rest are real inconveniences ...

Debian should give RMS a chance to think for a while, and consult with
others including his legal council and other parties at the FSF,
rather than taking hasty action.  This is a courtesy we've extended to
upstream authors many times before, and it seems unreasonable not to
extend it in this case as well.

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