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Re: GPL exception ???

Scripsit Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr>

> I had the impression that the GPL already provides for forcing the
> original copyright notice and author name to stay in the modified work,
> but could not pinpoint the exact place of it.

I'd point to clause 1 (which is referred to from clause 2): "keep
intact all the notices that refer to this License and to the absence
of any warranty;"

The author's name is part of the standard GPL blurb in the "how to
apply these terms" appendix, so in default of any evidence to the
contrary, I'd say that it is covered by the bit of clause 1 I quoted.

> Furthermore, the obligation to not remove comments from the source code
> seems to me not compatible with the GPL, but i may be wrong in this.

Yes, it looks as if there's a problem there. Hopefully, it is just a
glicth on part of the author.

>   Derivative works must not remove the original author's copyright
>   notices, name or comments from source code and documentation. Doing
>   so will violate the license.

However, it may also be an attempt to create a Reiserist restriction.
The matter should be investigated in more detail.

Henning Makholm                             "... and that Greek, Thucydides"

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