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Re: GPL exception ???

On Fri, 30 May 2003, Sven Luther wrote:

>   Derivative works must not remove the original author's copyright
>   notices, name or comments from source code and documentation. Doing
>   so will violate the license.
> I had the impression that the GPL already provides for forcing the
> original copyright notice and author name to stay in the modified work,
> but could not pinpoint the exact place of it.
> Furthermore, the obligation to not remove comments from the source code
> seems to me not compatible with the GPL, but i may be wrong in this.
> Could someone more knowledgeable look into this and give me his advice ?

I certainly don't fall into the "more knowledgeable" class, but I'll make
the observation that yes, I think the GPL does already call for the
maintenance of copyright notices and warranties.  Taking the wording
literally, I'm not allowed to remove anything which is a "comment" from the
source code.  Definitely non-free, and almost certainly not what the author

I'm pretty sure that pointing out to him/her that GPL covers these things
will cause a quick re-licence.  At least, I'd hope so.

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