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Incomplete licence - what to do?


I would like to package a php4-rrdtool from wnpp[1]. I noticed that
this software has IMO incomplete licence.
Full README file is available at:

Interesting part about copyright below.

    You are free to redistribute the source provided my name is
    kept at the top of the source files as credit for the original
    author.  I make no warranties to the usability of this software,
    nor I am responsible if your machine explodes (although it 

I think that the author's intention was to place this code in any open source
licence but the cited paragraph is not in compliance with DFSG: there is
no information on redistribution of modified sources and/or binaries.

I will contact upstream to fix this licence but first I would like to know
your opinion: what should I propose to the author as the new licence?

Please Cc: all mails concerning this subject to Grzegorz (my sponsor for
this package).


[1] http://bugs.debian.org/126897

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