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Re: GDB manual

    Unfortunately, other people purporting to act on behalf of the FSF do.  

Did they really claim to be speaking for the FSF, or were they just
expressing support for the FSF?  Anyone can do the latter, but we did
not ask anyone to speak for the FSF about this issue on this list.

    (Meanwhile, messages regarding the perceived problems have generally 
    been ignored outright.  Even messages asking for clarification: "It 
    looks to me like the FDL prohibits this.

Depending on where and how you sent them, that might or might not
indicate a problem.  licensing@gnu.org is the standard place for
inquiries.  If questions sent there did not get answered, please show
me the unanswered message so I can investigate what went wrong.  I
will try to make sure it does not happen again.

But the issue here is the question of how Debian should decide
interpret its standards--whether they should be interpreted so
strictly as to reject the GFDL, and also the GPL if it hadn't been

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