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Re: [Way OT] Droit d'auteur vs. free software

Kai Henningsen said:
Which parts of Europe are we talking about here?
Those with French-style "moral rights", I guess.

[Discussion of German copyright/moral rights basis snipped]
So German law seems very good on this point. :-)

[Incidentally, I believe these points are substantially unchanged from the state of law in the Weimar Republic, i.e. before WW II, long before the US recognized the Berne Convention; including the number of 70 years (Berne says 50). That is, the number is neither an invention of Disney nor (as is sometimes claimed) a way for Bavaria to keep rights for "Mein Kampf" - the number was already in effect when that book was written, and has not changed in the meantime. I suspect it is older than (working) digital computers.]
It's not life+70 which is an invention of Disney; it's the 95-year copyright given retroactively to pre-1976 works in the US which is an invention of Disney. *frown*


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