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Re: The debate on invariant sections (long)

Jerome Marant said:
> Mark Rafn <dagon@dagon.net> writes:
>> 2) Can Debian usefully distinguish documentation from software?
>  This is the point I would like to be convienced about.

Emacs is a perfect example.  The documentation can be integrated into 
emacs as context-sensitive help.  We cannot then distinguish.  Since 
pretty much all documentation *could* have this integration done, we 
can't usefully distinguish at all.

(In fact, the GFDL licence for the Emacs manual may make integrating it 
as context-sensitive help into the GPLed Emacs legally impossible.  

>  For 
instance, does the GNU manifesto as invariant section hurt?

I say yes.  I don't want to have to put it into my (hypothetical)
context-sensitive help file for emacs, which consists of extracts from 
the GNU Emacs manual!  I'm not even sure where to put it legally!

This follows from the above, of course. :-)


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