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Re: Licensing of mp3 decoders

Am Son, 2003-05-11 um 15.49 schrieb Andrew Suffield:
> On Sun, May 11, 2003 at 02:38:42PM +0200, Alexander Wirt wrote:
> > as a part of my Application i looked at the mpg123 package and took also
> > a look to mpg321. Inside of this analysis i took a look to the homepage
> > of thompson. There is a pricing list for every decoder that is able to
> > play mp3 files [1]. This means for every decoder program round about
> > 0.75 $ for every copy of the decoder. I wasn't able to find any
> > exception of this fee. 
> Those are fees for people who are using their patents. Their patents
> are on mp3 encoding, not decoding. We don't ship any mp3 encoders,
> thusly we are not bound to follow their royalty scheme (and frankly,
> it's highly dubious whether anybody is; people pay because they're
> stupid and don't want to fight it in court).
Thats a point where I'm not sure. Thompson sayed they could get the fee,
also for decoders. So I think if not removing, we should, at least, move
any decoder to non-US. Far away from the US Law :)

> > According to the DFSG this makes every mp3 decoder non-free or even
> > undistributable. 
> It doesn't, actually. Although it might make it non-distributable
> under US law, and some other countries which honour the relevant
> patents.
As I said above.... 


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