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Licensing of mp3 decoders

Hi folks, 

as a part of my Application i looked at the mpg123 package and took also
a look to mpg321. Inside of this analysis i took a look to the homepage
of thompson. There is a pricing list for every decoder that is able to
play mp3 files [1]. This means for every decoder program round about
0.75 $ for every copy of the decoder. I wasn't able to find any
exception of this fee. 
According to the DFSG this makes every mp3 decoder non-free or even
Searching through debian-legal archives I wasn't able to find any good
answer why we are contrary to the regulations of the mp3 patent. Maybe
(I'm not sure about this) we could move mpg321 to non-US but I don't
think this makes mp3 decoders more legal. Currently its not the practise
of thompsons to ask developers of free mp3 decoders for a fee, but this
could change in the future. 

So we need a solution of this problem. 


[1] http://www.mp3licensing.com/royalty/index.html
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