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Re: GFDL Freeness and Cover Texts

Greg Pomerantz <gmp@alumni.brown.edu> writes:

> > > > They are also not enforceable in the US.
> > > 
> > > Can you please provide a citation for this? I've never been able to come
> > > up with one.
> > 
> > This is what I know from Eben Moglen; I would ask him if he can give
> > you more exact citations.  Also maybe look at the briefs that AT&T
> > filed in the BSD v. AT&T lawsuit.  
> As far as I know, AT&T never addressed the issue in the BSD suit.
> Berkeley did not raise the issue until the California state court
> countersuit, which was not filed until shortly before the settlement
> (with Novell). Besides, AT&T had no real argument on that point -- they
> got their license to Berkeley Unix under a signed contract (which, as
> far as I know, was how everybody got Berkeley Unix in those days).

UCB countersued on the grounds that AT&T had violated the advertising
clause, and AT&T apparently raised some of these issues.  

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