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Re: Questioning the Public Domain'ness of certain data

On Thu, 08 May 2003, Elizabeth Barham wrote:
> I have written a program that parses the data available here:
>        http://www.fda.gov/cder/ndc/
> and places it into a database.


> My intention is to release a debian package containing Berkely DB
> databases that contain the same data as found in the above-cited URL.
> How do you suggest I proceed?

As the information in that database changes rapidly [Data Files
Updated through 3/31/2003], perhaps it would be better to include your
program that downloads and parses the data on the site instead of
including the data itself?

I would presume that it is important to the end users of this dataset
to have a relatively up to date set of data, and as the package of
such data in stable could be out of date by more two years before the
next stable release, they'd probably prefer a method of updating the
dataset to an outdated one.

Don Armstrong

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