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Questioning the Public Domain'ness of certain data

Hi Everyone,

   I have written a program that parses the data available here:


and places it into a database.

   I am fairly confident that the data itself is public domain

	* one organization sells the same data re-packaged for MS

	* another organization releases basically the same data in a
          different format.

The second example, if I recall correctly, doesn't even cite the
source although I went over the data personally and can say without
hesitation that the data came from the FDA and is essentially the same
as in the data available at the above URL.

   But, however, I have not had seen anything in writing specifically
stating that the data is public domain and I received no reply when I
asked them the license of the data via the email address on the
above-cited webpage.

   My intention is to release a debian package containing Berkely DB
databases that contain the same data as found in the above-cited URL.

   How do you suggest I proceed?

   Sincerely, Elizabeth

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