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Re: GFDL Freeness and Cover Texts

On Sat, May 03, 2003 at 08:31:15PM -0400, Sam Hartman wrote:
> How is this any worse than an advertizing clause or a requirement to
> make a statement in supporting documentation?  We consider both of
> those free.

Requiring that a piece of text be included on a cover is far more onerous
than requiring a statement in the documentation.

Hmm.  What about this:
  "Both covers must also clearly and legibly identify you as the
  publisher of these copies. "

Is requiring a distributor (of even unmodified copies) to identify himself
free?  It would be onerous if applied to software distribution, but I'm not
sure if it's a problem here (other than the general issue of forcing me to
put things on the--now very crowded--covers that I don't want to).

Glenn Maynard

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