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Licensing of shareware quake data

Im looking into packaging quake 1 for debian at the moment, and I noticed the follwing clause in the license which I think might mean Im permitted to include the whole compressed zip file inside a package instead of having to get the user to download it in and postinst script (like the nvidia drivers do I think)

"6.      Permitted Distribution. So long as this Agreement
         accompanies the Software at all times, ID grants to
         Providers the limited right to distribute, free of charge,
         except normal access fees, and by electronic means only, the
         Software; provided, however, the Software must be so
         electronically distributed only in a compressed format. The
         term "Providers," as used in the foregoing sentence, shall mean
         persons whose business it is to provide services on the
         Internet, on commercial online networks, or on the BBS. Anyone
         who receives the Software from a Provider shall be limited to
         all the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Further, ID
         grants to you, the end-user, the limited right to distribute,
         free of charge only, the Software as a whole."

I don't think the Debian fits the term provider (although Im sure you could argue that since Debian is hosted on providers servers it might just about be ok). Does the bit at the end about "limited right to distribute free of charge" mean that including the whole zip file in a package is oK?

Clearly the shareware data counts as non-free, and I could just make a package to download it, but I thought I should seek advice here first.


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