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Re: Question regarding a LGPL program and closed-source plugin

On Fri, 2 May 2003, Yong Li wrote:

> program SCIM is released under LGPL. However the server alone doesn't do
> anything interesting. The real input methods are developed as plugins for
> the server. Upon running the chosen plugin(s) will be loaded into the


> nutshell it's very similar to how xmms and its plugins work. One of the
> plugins, arguably the only one that most people will be interested, is
> binary only. So we have been discussing whether we can legally distribute
> this binary only plugin. If it was GPL, we know that a binary only plugin
> is not allowed. But will LGPL make a difference? so my questions are:

The server itself, being LGPL'd, should be OK for main (can't imagine why
not), assuming it is functional without needing any non-free plugin (other
information you've given suggests this is the case).

The binary-only plugins, if licenced in a way which allows them to be
redistributed, should be OK for non-free.  If they're not licenced so that
they can be freely redistributed, then you'll have to work out some
post-install installation method for the affected plugins.

> PS: Please CC me when you reply since I'm not on this list. Thank you.


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