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Re: Knoppix and GPL

On Sun, Apr 27, 2003 at 08:59:45PM -0700, Sean 'Shaleh' Perry wrote:
> >
> > For those who would prefer paragraph a), please consider the fact that
> > a CD that consists 3/4 of only source code may not be a very popular
> > thing for the majority of potential users, and also CD-magazines and
> > FTP mirrors try to avoid stuff that is not likely to EVER being used
> > or downloaded.
> >
> Perhaps another solution would be a canonical list of the pieces used and 
> their original source?  Someone could feed this to wget and have it do the 
> work of grabbing things from all over the net.

This is probably already off-topic, but the "general list" is simply
created by dpkg -l and can just be generated at any time from a running
Knoppix system, or be downloaded from the mirrors (packages.txt). Then,
you can just download all sources (for the packages in the "free" section)
with apt-get source packagename (packagename from the list). For the
Knoppix-specific packages that are NOT in the Debian mirrors yet (some
are), you can use the download location at knopper.net, or send me an
email reminder if the sources there are not up-to-date (which is known
to happen occasionally).

> I may have missed this on the cd (not looked recently) so forgive me if this 
> is there already.

It seems that lots of poeple are missing the obvious recently. No
offense. ;-)

-Klaus Knopper

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