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Re: LPPL and non-discrimination

Jonathan Fine wrote:

Now to the problem.  Debian guideline 5 states "The
license must not discriminate against any person or
group of persons."

The proposed LaTeX license defines the Current Maintainer.
The license grants these person(s) privileges that are
not granted to other licensees.

Henning Makholm wrote:
> We have a clear tradition on d-l that the non-discrimination guidline
> only means that there must be some free terms that apply to everyone.
> It is not a problem of specific groups receive *more* freedom than the
> norm, as long as everyone has the freedoms described by the DFSG.

Elsewhere in this thread I pointed out that every purchase
is a sale, every more is a less, and so forth.  But there's more
to it than the meaning of words.

It is about seeing the other person's point of view.

If I know that my purchase is, for the other person, a
sale, then I am better able to understand that person.

Guideline 5 has been written to focus on the person(s) who
are being discriminated against, rather than on those who
are being favoured.

One of the things I value about Debian is its inclusiveness
and tolerance.  Discrimination sets up differences.  I don't
know the history of this guideline, and of guideline 6.  But
to me, it is about inclusiveness and understanding.

We are all human beings.  Here is something we can share on
an equal basis.  This is the message of free software.

Guideline 6 is also about not using free software licenses as an
instrument of social and political policy.

I hope these remarks are helpful.  Please forgive me if you find
them to be off-topic.

Jonathan Fine
Cambridge, U.K.

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