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LPPL and non-discrimination

As I am new to this discussion, first here are some words
about myself and my understanding of the situation.

I'm a longstanding user of TeX, and author of TeX macros.
Some years ago I did a small amount of volunteer work
for the LaTeX-3 project.  My current interests include
XML-front ends, and TeX as a callable function.

Debian wish to ensure that users of open-source software
can if they wish modify, develop and redistribute this
software.  A worthy aim.

The LaTeX team wish to ensure that running a command such
    tex \&latex myfile.tex
gives essentially identical results on all computers,
provided myfile.tex is unchanged.  Again, a worthy aim.

This discussion is devoted to formulating a license that
meets both the Debian and LaTeX aims.

Now to the problem.  Debian guideline 5 states "The
license must not discriminate against any person or
group of persons."

The proposed LaTeX license defines the Current Maintainer.
The license grants these person(s) privileges that are
not granted to other licensees.

Although the motive is the worthy one of protecting the
integrity of LaTeX, as above, this part of the proposed
license is not in my opinion consistent with the
non-discrimination guideline.

I am confident that the LaTeX and Debian aims are
consistent.  I am also confident that this discussion
has sufficient wisdom and good-will to find a solution
to the problem.

Jonathan Fine
Cambridge, UK

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