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Re: Revised LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL)

Walter Landry writes:

 > Actually, this is a good reason for someone to use the standard
 > facility, not for the license to require the standard facility.  All
 > that you really care about is that the information gets to the user,
 > not how it gets to them.

yes and no. we care that the information gets to the user but we also care
that it gets to the user in an "expected" way. I grant you that there might be
more freedom than requiring a certain facility to be used. but what we do not
accept, for example, is the idea that the user has to manually look through
source files to find individual comments that may be hidden anywhere in
literally several thousand files.

you may have read or listen to Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy: there is this
nice scene near the beginning in which the earth men are told that it is their
fault not to have looked on Alpha Centaurus where the plans have been on
display for the last 50 years --- we are strongly opposed to a solution that
could result in something similar for LaTeX. And we don't like to have to
fight over "X is visible/non-visible enough for the user" and therefore want
some clear ground rules (restricted to the use in a specified context).


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