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Re: Revised LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL)

> > I've CC'ed this to a LaTeX person - any comments from the LaTeX crowd?
> I've removed the Cc again - Frank did read debian-legal the last time
> the LPPL was discussed, so I assume he is still (or again) subscribed.

Frank is subscribed I think, I'm currently not but am reading the thread
on the archive, but either way we are seeing all the messages.

I think I'll refrain from commenting on specific points raised so far,
but let the thread run a bit to get the general feel of the "Debian
side" of the discussion. Since a major point of the exercise  is to get
a version of the LPPL that is accepted by all as compatible with DFSG
I think it's clear that wording changes in problematical areas
can (and most likely will) be made.


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