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UnrealIRCd Legal Status

What is the status of the EULA discussion about UnrealIRCd?  I use this on my
personal machines for a few different purposes, and I'd like to see it supported
in Debian. I am willing to package it, but wanted to request any relevant comments.

The debian bug archives at http://b.d.o/148319 has a few comments from the
previous ITP'er with a positive response from the upstream about the EULA.

Rather than paste the EULA (it has been pasted several times) here is a URL
which will display it from their webserver:


Please CC: me offlist with any replies - I will also attempt to watch the
archives as well.

Apologies if the information I seek is already posted somewhere, but please
refer me to it if so.

Roger Ward
Debian User/future DD

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