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Re: Dissident versus ASP

Scripsit Jakob Bohm <jbj@image.dk>

> Here is one hypothetical text (TINLA, IANAL, IANADD):
> If you offer to one or more parties the service of running the
> Program in exchange for a monetary fee or other significant
> consideration, and the act of running the Program is in essence
> the service charged for not merely a means of providing another
> service, the parties who have actually paid for that service
> receive the right to obtain a copy of The Program as follows.

That's a use restriction and will never be free in my opinion.
Use restrictions are non-free. Period.

Henning Makholm                        "Kurt er den eneste jeg kender der er
                           *dum* nok til at gå i *ring* på et jernbanespor."

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