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Re: The Show So Far

Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> writes:

> > then you have to say which restrictions you think are
> > acceptible and which you think aren't.  I've sketched out my method of
> > analyzing such a question, but you haven't.  Would you care to do so
> > please?
> No, I'm sorry; I reserve my right to do so on a case-by-case basis. I
> can answer for the cases we already have though: I don't think the
> freedom to distribute binaries without source is a key freedom, nor do
> I think being able to make changes that you can keep private forever
> is a key freedom. I don't think removing those freedoms should be
> forbidden from free licenses. I do think both freedoms have value in
> some circumstances. I don't think it's particularly onerous working
> around not having those freedoms. I don't think hiding source code is
> in anyone's long term interests, either companies or activists.

I've given a specific case.  Can you articulate why a "you must give
me your tax return if possible, and costs are paid" requirement is not
acceptible?  You've said it isn't, but it clearly meets the DFSG.

So, now the question is: what principle would you invoke to explain
why that's not an acceptible condition?

I have explained what principle I would invoke...  Have you?

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