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Re: The ASP nightmare: a description

Jeremy Hankins <nowan@nowan.org> writes:

> I think that so long as the source for these programs are generally
> available there's no real problem.  The problem shows up when someone
> uses this technique (which could be a web server or a shell server) to
> make the programs available for use but intentionally restricts access
> to source & binaries.  This hasn't happened with shell accounts (to my
> knowledge, at least) and probably wont, since shell users would
> generally prefer the shell to be local, creating a large hurdle for
> anybody who wants to take bash "proprietary" in this way.

My server is available to friends.  I *explicitly* refuse to allow
them to bang my disks into oblivion by filling them with source.
Heck, I would even have the right, I insist, to filter their net usage
to prevent them from using the shell account to download any source
using the account.

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