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Re: Considering packaging T.Rex firewall, is it free?

Scripsit Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña <jfs@computer.org>

> (please keep me in Cc: as I'm not in the list)

> Livermore Public License (LPL), an Open Source License" which is QPL-based.
> It seems free to me, but I would like to gather some consensus before
> putting any work into it. So, is
> http://www.opensourcefirewall.com/lpl_license.html DFSG-free?

If it's true that it's just QPL with the name and legal venue changed
(and I didn't find any glaring differences on a quick readthrough), it
is probably free.

HOWEVER, I find it worrying that the legal venue is stated as

| This license is governed by the Laws of the State of Texas and any
| disputes shall be decided by mediation.

Does this mean that the user has to submit to some unspecified
"mediation" and waive his right to have a real court interpret the
license in case of trouble? If so, it doesn't seem free.

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