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Re: Standard non-copyleft free license?

On Wed, 12 Mar 2003, Terry Hancock wrote:

> No, you misunderstand me. I know they can make a competing derivative of the 
> code I produce (but I don't particularly fear this).  The problem I'm trying 
> to solve is of specifying ownership of the actual code I deliver. If I don't 
> say anything in the contract, it might be interpreted as work for hire, and 
> they can sell me *verbatim* the code I give them under contract under a 
> proprietary license.  *That's* what I'm trying to avoid.


It sounds like you don't actually need to pick a free license to give 
them, you just need to specify in the contract that this is not work for 
hire.  The copyright remains yours, with your customer being granted 
permission to do whatever they want with their copy.

You may want to be more formal, especially with regard to warranties, in 
which case you should probably seek actual legal advice.
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