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Re: The Show So Far

Glenn Maynard <g_deb@zewt.org> writes:

> Hence the ASP loophole: you can take a program licensed under the GPL,
> pound it into this type of interface, and you no longer have to
> distribute anything at all for people to use it.  The GPL is dependent
> on distribution in order for people to be able to get the source.

There are clearly about six different "ASP loopholes" confusing this
discussion. :) I propose from now on that people stop saying "the ASP
loophole" as if there were only one.  David Turner contends that the
real problem is web-only applications, I assumed you meant "GPL'd
client, proprietary web app", and actually you mean "GPL'd web app,
proprietary client".

But I'm not sure I understand even now the specific case you are
speaking of.  Still, I think there is a good rule here:

Free software lets me modify my program, and as long as I don't copy
it, I get to run it all I like and not provide source for anyone.  I'm
even allowed to do this for other people.


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