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Re: Dual licensed software

luferbu@fluidsignal.com (Luis Bustamante) writes:

> QPL is DFSG-free iirc, can JpGraph go in main despite the fact it can
> be used also under the terms of JpGraph Commercial License?
> References
> 1. http://www.aditus.nu/jpgraph
> 2. http://www.aditus.nu/jpgraph/jpgprolicense.pdf

This unfortunately is not satisfactory.  See on the main JpGraph page
the actual license grant:

] JpGraph is released under a dual license.
] QPL 1.0 (Qt Free Licensee) For non-commercial, open-source and
] educational use and JpGraph Professional License for commercial use.
] Basically it means that if you or your company develops non open
] source software and have financial gains, either directly or
] indirectly (for example by improving a business process), by using
] JpGraph this counts as commercial use.

So if you are IBM, say, and you get any financial gain because you use
JpGraph to prepare reports, then you are a "commercial use", and you
are not allowed to distribute under the QPL.

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