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Re: is scilab really non-free?

Torsten Werner <twerner@debian.org> writes:

> May we discuss scilab's license, please? Scilab is currently assumed to
> be non-free because of one sentence(1) in its license text
> http://www-rocq.inria.fr/scilab/license.txt :
>    Any commercial use or circulation of the DERIVED SOFTWARE shall
>    have been previously authorized by INRIA and ENPC.

This is non-free of course.

> But I suppose that is only relevant if someone wants to distribute
> scilab with another license.

No. This is relevant as soon as one wants do something commercial.

> As long as everyone sticks to scilab's original license there seems to
> be no problem with commercial use

No? I read it so that you cant use it for commercial things without
talking to inria/enpc. In other sentences they have "non-commercial".
They should switch to GPL or some other free license. :)

> Please keep the Cc: to the scilab developers in your replies. They call
> their software 'free'---see http://www.scilab.org/ .

Its more "Free for non-commercial use".

bye Joerg
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