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Re: The Affero license

Scripsit Florian Weimer <fw@deneb.enyo.de>

> If the licenses closed the ASP loophole in a way that forced me to
> publish *all* these changes (and AFAIK that's one of the things
> which people are considering), then I could not use this software
> because preparing the changes for distribution is often impossible
> (due to time constraints and local configuration intertwined with
> the code).

That's an excellent argument. And even if you said to the hell with it
and offered download of your modified code with warts and all, a
zealous upstream author might be (legally, not morally) justified in
considering your intertwined local configuration, which may well
prevent the software from running at all in another environment, to be
an attempt to circumvent the sharing requirement, and sue you for
infringement nevertheless.

> Forced publication of in-house development considerably increases the
> cost of running software.  Furthermore, I believe that it's of no
> one's business what's going on on my computers, even if I use these
> computers to offer some service.


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