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Re: The Helixcommunity RPSL is not DFSG-free

On Sat, 2003-03-01 at 18:49, Andrea Glorioso wrote:
> >>>>> "tb" == Thomas Bushnell <tb@becket.net> writes:
>     tb> It's not about what's "fair"; they make a license, they get to
>     tb> have whatever license they want, but it's not a free software
>     tb> license.
> Last time I heard, FSF was still arguing with Real over the RPSL
> compliance to the four basic freedoms.  Has this discussion come to an
> (official) end, as far as you all know?

*puts on FSF hat*
We're still in discussions with them, but the license as it stands isn't

*takes off FSF hat*  

Maybe for convenience, I'll use novalis@gnu when I've got the FSF hat
on, and novalis@novalis otherwise.

-Dave Turner
GPL Compliance Engineer
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