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OpenSSH licensing issues [was Re: PHPNuke license]

On Sat, Mar 01, 2003 at 04:46:50AM +0000, James Troup wrote:
> Simon Law <sfllaw@engmail.uwaterloo.ca> writes:
> > Do you mind, Brandon(sic), if we let Niels finish GNU lsh?  I sort
> > of like having a complete SSH protocol implementation in main.
> Huh?  The only reference to advertising in openssh's copyright file is
> a clause of a Regents of UoC copyright notice and that's been
> retroactively revoked[1].

	True, but licensing is more subtle than that.  ssh depends of
libssl0.9.7.  Look into that copyright file and we see:


  The OpenSSL toolkit stays under a dual license, i.e. both the conditions of
  the OpenSSL License and the original SSLeay license apply to the toolkit.
  See below for the actual license texts. Actually both licenses are BSD-style
  Open Source licenses. In case of any license issues related to OpenSSL
  please contact openssl-core@openssl.org.

	Unfortunately, Eric Young has not revoked clause 3 of his
4-clause BSD license.  As well, his license prohibits relicensing of his
code, even to a more prohibitive license.


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