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Re: GNOME Font Copyright

Joe Drew wrote:
> Because GNOME negotiated with Bitstream to make these fonts free, which
> Bitstream is going to do. That is to say, GNOME's involvement is the
> reason these fonts are free, not the other way around.

So, if I understand you correctly, you're saying in exchange for
distributing the non-free fonts on GNOME's FTP site, Bitstream will
ultimately release the fonts under a DFSG-free[1] license?

If so, where did you get this information?

[1] Looking at the press release (http://www.gnome.org/pr-bitstreamfonts.html)
    it seems the terms "Free Software" and "Open Source" are being used
    interchangeably even though it's not clear the new license will qualify
    as a Free Software license.  The distribution clause in the draft
    license suggests trying to become DFSG-free and qualify as an Open
    Source license, so perhaps it is more accurate to describe Bitstream's
    desire as seeking compliance with the DFSG or OSD than software freedom.
    I was mistaken in talking about Bitstream's new font license as a Free
    Software license.

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