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Re: Bug#181969: ITP: jasper -- Image library for the JPEG-2000 Part 1 Standard

retitle 181969 RFP: jasper -- Image library for the JPEG-2000 Part 1 Standard

Ok, thanks for the heads up. I'm going to make change this into an
RFP, since I was interested in this package before, but it's non-free
nature has made me distinctly less interested :)

* Henning Makholm (henning@makholm.net) wrote:
> Scripsit "Brian M. Carlson" <sandals@crustytoothpaste.ath.cx>
> > > D.  User agrees that it shall not commence any action against Image Power,
> > > Inc., the University of British Columbia, Michael David Adams, or any
> > > other contributors (collectively "Licensors") for infringement of any
> > > intellectual property rights ("IPR") held by the User in respect of any
> > > technology that User owns or has a right to license or sublicense and
> > > which is an element required in order to claim compliance with ISO/IEC
> > > 15444-1 (i.e., JPEG-2000 Part 1).
> [yadda yadda yadda]
> > This is probably non-free.
> I'm not completely sure I agree here - it seems that it restricts
> itself to self-defense against IPR attacks on an open standard.
> However, the line is thin, and there's probably not a detailed
> consensus about where to draw it in this particular area.
> > > F.  This software is for use only in hardware or software products that
> > > are compliant with ISO/IEC 15444-1 (i.e., JPEG-2000 Part 1).  No license
> > > or right to this Software is granted for products that do not comply
> > > with ISO/IEC 15444-1.  The JPEG-2000 Part 1 standard can be purchased
> > > from the ISO.
> > This is *definitely* non-free.
> Agreed. So luckily we don't need any detailed flamewar over which
> degree of anti-patent self-defense we allow a license to include.
> And to Eric: This clause is non-free because it restricts
> modifications. It does not allow modifications that change the code to
> work with another format than jpeg. The DFSG requires the right to
> make modifications, and does not permit any [1] restrictions on this
> right.
> [1] Except certain restrictions for the purpose of preventing modified
>     versions from being falsely represented as being the work of the
>     original author, which we do traditionally accept as free.

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