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Re: export restrictions

Under U. S. law, Nqthm-1992 may be legally exported from the U. S. to any country except as follows:

But of course, it would create a problem for US Debian mirrors, which probably couldn't carry it. I had heard that Debian was considering eliminating Non-US, but this suggests there's still a reason for it (assuming that these laws still apply -- since 1993 the cryptography stuff was allowed to be exported. Could it be that this software is exempted, too, now?). (??)

I refer to the following document :

Cryptographic software is special and I won't discuss it.
Software that is available to the public at a price that does not exceed the cost of reproduction and distribution (as Debian) can be exported anywhere (GTDA license). However, some software (including CAD software, operating systems, theorem provers, ...) falls into the GTDU or GTDR (more restrictive) licenses. The GTDU license authorizes exports to all destinations except the embargoed destinations (Cuba, Iraq, Libya, North Korea and Yugoslavia).

This means that many programs part of Debian which are not in non-US (stuff in electronics, the kernel itself, theorem provers, ...) can not be exported to these countries, even if it is not taken into account now!

Am I misunderstanding something or does it means to much should be moved to non-US ?

Antoine Mathys

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