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Re: CLUEBAT: copyrights, infringement, violations, and legality

On Mon, Feb 03, 2003 at 11:49:58AM +1300, Nick Phillips wrote:
> So, a "natural right" is whatever is considered a right according to
> whatever happen to be the morals of the dominant society of the age,
> whereas the other type of right is whatever is considered a right
> (or convenient, or profitable...) according to the laws of the dominant
> society of the age? ;)

Yes.  But most people refuse to realize this because they feel that the
societal norms called "morals" possess a different (usually divine or
otherwise religious) origin than the social norms called "laws".

More simply, a lot of people feel that morals come from God or nature,
and laws come from humans.

I don't personally share that opinion, but I don't have to persuade
everyone else to my perspective on it to achieve success in this
particular forum (copyright as a non-right).

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