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Re: ImageJ 2 :(

Scripsit Paolo Ariano <paolo.ariano@unito.it>

> /*
>  * ImageJ is open-source. You are free to do anything you want
>  * with this source as long as I get credit for my work and you
>  * offer your changes to me so I can possibly add them to the
>  * "official" version.
>  *
>  * @author Wayne Rasband (wayne@codon.nih.gov)
>  */

> i wrote to the author calling for a license like bsd or gpl and the
> answer is :

> > ImageJ is in the public domain. You should change the name and the 
> > "About Box" (Help->About ImageJ) if you add a license.

It seems the author is seriously confused about which terms he
offers. Unless you have hard evidence that the second answer is *not*
just an attempt to "clarify" the first license statement, I'd say we
cannot rely on it bein actually public-domain.

The first license you qouted is not DFSG-free, as it requires
notifying the original author of modified versions.

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                              kommet vel ombord i den grønne dobbeltdækker."

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