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Re: CLUEBAT: copyrights, infringement, violations, and legality

> According to how I read the FSF's page, the problem is not avoided by using
> another phrase to replace "intellectual property".

You are right. But I think I am too :)
> Any opinions you convey about copyright (for instance) probably are not true
> for patents, and vice versa.

Definitely. I am (well, "we are", the same "we" as in my other post)
careful about the difference.  But there are times where you need to
convey the more general idea of abstract assets, and "copyright" or
"droit d'auteur" doesn't convey that meaning [I never speak positively
about patents, I don't bless them as "intellectual" as in my country
the official name is "_industrial_ patent"].

But it's difficult to avoid a bad term without offering a better
alternative, that's why we looked for one. So I say the copyright
system is concerned about intellectual heritage, not property.


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