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SGI Free Software license B

I'm in the process of packaging the PyOpenGL 2.0 package (the current debian
version is 1.5.7) but I have a licensing question. PyOpenGL2 is, according
to the license page, partly covered by the SGI Free Software license B
(probably because of the use of SWIG to generate the wrappers.)
The SGI FSLB has been discussed here before, and the final decision (if not
concensus) seems to be that this license is 'Free' in the debian meaning of
the word. Is this indeed the case ?

The PyOpenGL package is also governed by four other licenses: the two
PyOpenGL licenses that also cover PyOpenGL 1.5.7 (BSD-style), the GLE
license and the PyGLUT license. In my layperson's eyes both are 'free' and
acceptable to Debian, but a confirmation is never a bad idea :)

(which links to:

Another issue is the text of the licenses itself. The SGI license is only
available in PostScript or MS Word. Also, the other licenses are all HTML
(though easily convertable to ASCII.) Is it acceptable to convert them all
to ASCII to include them but refer to the <doc-dir>/html/ subdirectory for
the original HTML (and PostScript) versions ? I've already asked SGI for an
ASCII version of their license, or at least the ability to create an ASCII
version for inclusion in the copyright file. (I haven't heard back yet.)


PS: I'm also still looking for a mentor. :-)
Thomas Wouters <thomas@xs4all.net>

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