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Re: Would you please review this non-free license?

Good points -- I'll fill a bug against ftp.debian.org to remove the


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Richard Braakman wrote:
> My points of concern are:
>   This Agreement, dated ________________, is entered into by Mentec
>   Inc., a Massachusetts Company, located at 55 Technology Drive, Lowell,
>   MA 01851, U.S.A. (MENTEC), and
>   _____________________________________________ having a residence at
>   __________________________________________________________ (CUSTOMER).
> This makes it clear that the agreement is with a specific customer,
> and that it's a contract.  That customer would have to be you, the
> packager, because Debian does not sign contracts to distribute
> non-free software.
> It's not enough to say that the customer would be the end user, since
> that doesn't give Debian any rights to distribute the software.
>   7.2 This Agreement imposes personal obligations on CUSTOMER. CUSTOMER
>     shall not assign any rights under this Agreement not specifically
>     transferable by its terms without the written consent of MENTEC.
> This makes it clear that the license is non-transferable.
> I don't see any terms in the Agreement what would allow you to let
> Debian redistribute the software.  You, the customer, can copy the
> software for personal use, but you don't seem to be allowed to
> delegate this right to others.
> Richard Braakman

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