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Re: EULA with GPL??

On Mon, Dec 16, 2002 at 11:01:52PM -0800, Terry Hancock wrote:
> Does section 6 guarantee that the usage right is kept, or is it somehow 
> guaranteed in law, or is there another section which addresses this (I've 
> looked of course, but didn't see anything that seems to do it).

Hmm.  Thinking about this, I have a question of my own:

The GPL doesn't remove my right to sign a contract promising not to do
something, and I believe this is a commonplace and legitimate--if
annoying--practice that the GPL supports: companies can have employees
sign NDAs, preventing them from distributing programs used internally.

However, this doesn't seem too different from making me sign a contract
agreeing not to request source when receiving a GPL program.  I understand
that this *isn't* valid.  I'm not sure how that differs from promising
not to distribute the program; they're both restricting me.  Why is the
former legitimate and the latter not?  (Or am I more confused than I

(I don't know if this extends to EULAs, though.  They're on shaky ground
to begin with.)

Glenn Maynard

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