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Legal status of DDR step files

I'm intending to package PyDDR (http://www.clickass.org/~tgz/pyddr), a
Dance Dance Revolution simulator for UNIX systems. The basic idea behind
DDR is that you have a pattern of button presses (which you press with
your feet, hence "dancing") which you do in rhythm with music.

PyDDR at the moment comes with one free song and step pattern file,
which I'll be packaging with it. However, I'd also like to include a
collection of step files (without songs) that are "copies" of the
official DDR step patterns. I'm not sure if these are free or not.

The files are created as follows: Someone watches the required button
presses scroll by in the official version of DDR (from a Playstation
game CD). They copy down those buttons, and then write a file containing
that information but in a format PyDDR understands.

Now, my guess is that these aren't free, because the step file is still
a copy of the original one. However, it's also possible that you can't
copyright just a series of button presses, and so since the actual files
containing their button data weren't copyrighted, these "reverse
engineered" button presses are.

Can anyone better versed in copyright law than I comment on this?
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