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Re: GPL scripts with a GPL-incompatible interpreter

Henning Makholm <henning@makholm.net> writes:

> > What establishes "cahoots"?  Well, basically, anyone who did any of
> > the steps (*any* of them, whether that step would be illegal in
> > isolation or not) with the intention that it's part of the total
> > process.  This is similar to conspiracy law, where taking an "overt
> > act" to futher the conspiracy is illegal, even if that act isn't
> > illegal in isolation.
> I was alluding to a scenario where neither of the participants have
> any "master plan" for an infringing outcome (and none of them control
> each other). For example, the one who ports the program to the
> proprietary language may do it out of honest desire to make some good
> free software available in what he sees as an exciting new
> environment.

Nobody need have a master plan--the question is whether what you are
doing only makes sense as part of such a total-effect.  If it could be
part of several different master plans, and only one of those would be
infringing, and you aren't in fact colluding with others, then you are
generally in the clear.

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