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Re: Is this license permittable into debian 'main'

Scripsit Trent Lloyd <trentlloyd@iprimus.com.au>

> The QPL - its OSI approved i beleive
> is it suitable for debian main programs (i beleive so)

Yes, it is DFSG-free.

It is not, however, GPL compatible, due to clause 6c.

> 6. You may develop application programs, reusable components and other 
> software items that link with the original or modified versions of the 
> Software. These items, when distributed, are subject to the following 
> requirements:
> c. If the items are not available to the general public, and the initial 
> developer of the Software requests a copy of the items, then you must 
> supply one.

The lack of GPL compatibility means that a program with purely GPL
parts cannot link to a library with purely QPL parts or vice versa.
(Modulo some disagreement about the legal nits of dynamic linking.
What I have described here is the debian-legal consensus about the
final outcome).

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