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Re: the Free Art License and the DFSG

On Sat, 14 Dec 2002 01:51:59 -0500
steve@blckknght.org (Steven Barker) wrote:
> I'd like the advice of this list as to whether data under that license
> would be DFSG free.  I think the license is a pretty straightforward
> copyleft, though at least the translated version has some unclear
> language. I'm especially uncomfortable about part 7, which I don't
> really understand, and part 8, which, if it's enforcable could be very
> awkward for people who are unfamilliar with the laws of France.

I don't believe part 7 is saying anything additional to what copyright
law already says; the original author still holds the copyright, even if
you got the data from friend who got the data from a sister who got the
data from an aunt who got the data from the original author.

Part 8, I'm sure, will cause problems - it has in the past, but I can't
remember in what context; it may just be that some zealots made some
hubub a while back that. I don't really recall.

However, Part 2.1 is a serious concern. "You have the right to copy this
work of art of your personal use, for your friends or any other person,
by employing whatever technique you choose." Reading the original
French, this is an accurate translation. As far as I know (and other
more knowledgable people should comment), this goes against DSFG #6, "No
Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor". The license seems to
prohibit copies for non-personal use.

I didn't look much further than this, so I may have missed other things.

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