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the Free Art License and the DFSG

Hi debian-legal,

I'm participating in a project that is opening the source of a classic
game (Star Control 2) and porting it to modern operating systems.  The
code for the game has already been relicensed under the GPL, but the
game's original authors (who hold copyright) have not yet picked a
license for the large quantity of data that goes along side the game
(recorded voices, ship and planet graphics, scripts for the dialog, etc).

One license that was recently proposed was the Free Art License:
http://www.artlibre.org/ for the original French version,
http://artlibre.org/licence.php/lalgb.html for an English translation.

I'd like the advice of this list as to whether data under that license
would be DFSG free.  I think the license is a pretty straightforward
copyleft, though at least the translated version has some unclear language.
I'm especially uncomfortable about part 7, which I don't really understand,
and part 8, which, if it's enforcable could be very awkward for people who
are unfamilliar with the laws of France.

Anyway, I hope that among the legal minds of this list there are a few
people who's ability to comprehend legalistic French and/or iffy
legalistic translations are greater than what I possess.


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